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Visit to Albania of the representative of the European Confederation of the Probation Service


Visit to Albania of the representative of the European Confederation of the Probation Service.

In the framework of the cooperation with the European Confederation of Probation (CEP), it was held on 22 April 2015 the visits of Mr.Willem Van der Brugge, the General  Secretary of this international organization, where the Probation Service  in Albania is a member since 2013.

The purpose of the visit of Mr. Van der Brugge was the encouragement by the CEP for the activity developed by the Probation Service during these years as well as providing support for the progress of this institution in the future.

Mr. Van der Brugge began his visit with a meeting with the General Director  of the Probation Service in Albania, Mr. Ilir Qafa, where they expressed their mutual gratitude considerations of current cooperation and review opportunities to  support  the mission of the  Probation Service Institution at the international level. Mr. Qafa  explained to Mr. Van der Brugge the Albanian context of the criminal justice system where the Probation Service operates and presented achievements and future challenges for the development of Probation Service in Albania.

During his  visit Mr. Brugge had a meeting with Vice Minister of Justice Mr. Idlir Peci who appreciated the importance of further cooperation to bring more relevant international standards. The subsequent meetings were held with key associates of Probation Service and respectively with the General Director of Prisons, Mr. Artur Zoto and the vice Ambassador of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Mr. Robert Wilton.

Mr. Brugge’s visit concluded with a meeting at  local offices and the local collaborators in Durres, during which it was possible to discuss and see in in practice the supervision of prisoners.


Briefly on the European Confederation of the Probation Service. (

CEP was established in 1981 and is the European Confederation of the Probation Service. It aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures, such as probation service, community service, mediation and reconciliation. CEP is committed to enhance the role of the Probation Service  and to improve professionalism in this field, at a national and European level.

CEP promotes European cooperation with the organization of conferences on current topics of probation service.

Making available the reports of these events, with the publication of its digital newsletter and through its website, CEP stimulates the exchange of ideas on probation service. In this way it makes a significant contribution to the development of community sanctions and measures.

Its members are organizations which work  in the field of probation service and interested individuals. They bring a unique way of expertise about positive ways of working with offenders in the community and how to protect society without tough sanctions.

For European organizations as the European Union and the Council of Europe, CEP is the voice of the probation service field, providing specialized and comparative data, comprising also the voice of the Probation Service in Brussels.

Since 2013, the Albanian Probation Service adheres to this organization as a member with full rights, standing next to 37 European countries.

Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Willem van der Brugge.

The professional experience of Mr. Van der Brugge started in 1989 when he worked as a specialist of the Probation Service in Netherlands, in a half open prison where he was specialized in the treatment of addiction to substances and the design of special programs about this issue.

Since 1995 he has served as an advisor to local policies where has contributed on issues related to probation service. In 2001, he assumes the role of national policy adviser at SVG, an organization that provides probation service in the Netherlands. During the past four years Mr. Van der Brugge was responsible for operational and financial management of SVG's.

Mr. Willem van der Brugge was officially introduced as the General Secretary of the European Confederation of Probation Service (CEP) on 11 April 2013.

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